V/R: The State of the Youth Resource Centre


Despite its massive participation in national elections since the return of constitutional democracy, there is visible yawning deficit of development and infrastructure in the Volta region.

According to the 2010 population census, there are two million, one hundred and eighteen thousand, two hundred and Fifty-two (2,118,252) people living in the Region.

Over the years, the region has produced talented footballers including the likes of Fafa Gbadegbe and Antwerp based Black Stars right-back defender, Daniel Tawiah Opare. However, located in the Regional capital, Ho, the only sporting facility in the region is a ramshackle edifice which was constructed as far back as 1957 and has since not witnessed any major facelift.

With visible cracks on some of the walls, parts of the structure have been turned into a place of convenience for some miscreants.

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Irrespective of incessant media reports and public outcries on the shabby status of the stadium, it has not received any special attention from past and present governments.

The erstwhile Attah-Mills Mahama administration reneged on their promise of rehabilitating the stadium despite having some sports Ministers who hail from the region. The former Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Nii Lante Vanderpuijealso made similar pledge of fixing the stadium during his tenure but has never materialized.

Under the current Nana Addo – Bawumia Government, a sum of $2 million has been allocated for the construction of a ten thousand (10,000) seater multi-purpose Youth and Sports Centre at Nuwunu, in Ho.

The project which was initially earmarked as a five thousand (5,000) capacity, was met with dissatisfaction from the populace and has been upgraded to ten thousand (10,000) seats following what the Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa said was as a result of his lobbying skills.

Meanwhile, our checks reveal that the project is still sticking to the initial five thousand (5,000) seats. According to the Project Manager, Mr. Akpi, the contractual agreement remained unchanged. He further added that, his outfit is yet to receive official directive from the Ministry. Mr. Akpi maintained that the company will strictly comply to the terms in the contract document.

Unfortunately, the facility which is expected to be finished in nine months after a sod was cut for its construction, failed to meet the completion deadline in December.

This has necessitated for a new completion date in February 2019 and will be officially handed over to government for official commissioning in April 2019. Our checks in October also revealed that the delay has been attributed to the rainy season earlier this year which made the grounds soggy for the heavy trucks to ply the site. A recent visit by the sector minister revealed that work was on going steadily.

Our team will keep an unblinking eye on the project, keep asking the necessary questions and maintain the pressure to ensure that, this project does not take a nose dive.

Below are videos of the sector minister’s visit to the site and progress of work done.


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